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01Ten years dedicated to product R&D professional chemical manufacturers

Linyi Yu Heng Machinery Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996.

Many technical experts in formaldehyde industry have been recruited, and the experience of formaldehyde production and equipment manufacturing has been accumulated.

It is a professional formaldehyde plant manufacturer that integrates design, manufacture, installation and commissioning.

02Industry First Brand Designated Partner

In 2004, the company also made formaldehyde and paraformaldehyde production and sales, and launched an annual production capacity of 80 thousand tons of formaldehyde and 6 kiloton paraformaldehyde production line.

Fully embodies the organic unification of equipment manufacturing and chemical production.

Strong processing power and advanced production technology

03Improve pre-sales service and close contact with customers

Yu Heng Machinery and Chemical Co., Ltd. always adheres to the tenet of "quality first, reputation first, user first".

Perfect sale service to provide customers with a full range of God experience.

Perfect after-sales service, so that customers feel the real ease of use, satisfaction after use.

04Factory direct supply 0 distance for you

Our company also designs and produces paraformaldehyde, hexamethylene chloride and methyl acetal complete sets of equipment, and installs and debug machines.

Customers can come to our company for further investigation and further understanding of products and enterprises.

05We introduce a variety of cooperation methods

The company has developed a 1 - 100 thousand ton / year complete set of equipment for formaldehyde, which has created the tail gas cycle, that is, the reboiler does not use steam heating, and is heated by hot water, saving steam and comprehensive utilization of energy.



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Linyi Yu Heng Machinery Chemical Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in complete sets of formaldehyde, acetal equipment, paraformaldehyde equipment, and complete equipment of hexamethylene chloride. The processing force is strong and the production technology is advanced. The company's address is located in Xinqiao Town, Lanshan District, Linyi, covering an area of more than 150 mu. There are 2000m2 steel cold welding workshop, annual production capacity of 80 thousand tons formaldehyde workshop, annual production capacity of 6 kiloton paraformaldehyde workshop.

Yu Heng Machinery Chemical Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, began to manufacture only formaldehyde equipment, hired a number of technical experts from the formaldehyde industry, accumulated the experience in the production of formaldehyde and equipment manufacturing. It is a professional manufacturer of formaldehyde equipment.


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Contact: Chairman - Chan Hua -13905390882

Manager - Shang Jun Yu -15376910008

Contact phone: 0539-5778777 (company fax)

Q Q:948562665(948568665@qq.com)

Micro signal: 15376910008

Address: Xinqiao Town, Lanshan District, Linyi, Shandong



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